hi there, friends

Are you wondering what exactly it is I do here? Well…
Ugh. That dreaded “tell me about yourself’ question. I’ll be honest: I always struggle to explain what I do for a living. The short answer is that I’m a freelance writer. No, that doesn’t mean I’m home in my sweatpants writing another food review article (though I really do have a coffee review Instagram account). Instead, I focus mainly on producing online content related to careers, productivity, and self-development. I spent most of my college time working at local NGOs because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. Whew! I guess that wasn’t so hard.

currently I'm...

listening to:  inspirational podcasts

binge-watching:  friends...again

reading:  Nguyễn Tuân

eating:  sushi

craving: a job

You have got to start living your life. I don't wanna see your face in the office at 7 p.m anymore!

- my former boss